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Blast Ball is a fast and fun introduction to baseball for player’s league age 4 and 5 years old. Blast Ball introduces some basic concepts of baseball and teamwork. The program requires parent participation as this provides further encouragement for the young players. Teams are small with only 5-6 players and 2 coaches and every player gets an opportunity to hit the ball each inning. In Blast Ball there are 3 innings played (This can be adjusted depending on the time required) and an inning is complete when each player has had a turn at bat.
In Blast Ball, there is only one base, the Blast Base and it is placed at the first base location (~40’). Each team takes a turn at batting (offence) and fielding (defense) per inning. Defensive players rotate fielding positions much like in a regular baseball game with the defensive players taking an infield or outfield position. For each at bat, the ball is placed on the tee and the batter hits the ball and runs to the Blast Base. Once the batter steps on the Blast Base, a horn sounds. When the defensive player either catches the ball in the air, or fields the ball, they yell "BLAST". In Blast Ball, there are NO SAFEs or OUTs. The batter returns to the dugout after their hit and run to the Blast Base.
In Blast Ball there is no requirement for ball gloves as the Blast Ball is soft and baseball gloves are optional. The softness of the ball will also eliminate the fear factor of being hit by the ball.
"Teammate" and "Sibling" requests for team placement are accepted for the Blast Ball division. Sessions are a combined warm-up/practice (15 minutes) and a game. 2 teams are scheduled at each diamond or field."
Cost: $60

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